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Government must find and fund accommodation for all residents of NEO 200 building

The Andrews Labor Government and City of Melbourne should fund emergency accommodation for all residents of the NEO 200 building for the next two weeks.

The City of Melbourne’s decision to extend the emergency order for another 14 days on the NEO 200 building shows there is clearly a very serious problem with dangerous cladding on Victorian apartments.

How many more dangerous and potentially deadly fires do there need to be before the Andrews Labor Government takes action to remove cladding from 360 buildings that have been found to be at the highest risk?

Hundreds of people living at NEO 200 have had their lives disrupted and will be financially worse-off if the government does not act, because of the ham-fisted mismanagement of Richard Wynne.

Our thoughts are with all of the affected residents and their families during what must be a very frustrating time.

Tim Smith MP

Minister for Housing

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