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Governor Road Upgrade

My constituency question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure. Last year the government announced planning for a ‘potential future upgrade’ to Governor Road in Braeside.

Now, the use of the phrase ‘potential future upgrade’ raises the spectre that this is merely spin rather than an intention to provide an upgrade to Governor Road, which is an important east–west road carrying a lot of traffic—and a lot of commuter traffic—from the Dandenong area over to Bayside.

The Liberal candidate for Mordialloc, Phillip Pease, has been working very closely with the community in Bayside and Waterways Estate, and it is very clear from his engagement and other engagement around this project that there is strong support—over 90 per cent support—from the community for an upgrade of Governor Road; 60 per cent of local businesses have had problems with the use of Governor Road.

So my constituency question to the minister is: when will construction on this upgrade commence?

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