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Green light for high rises everywhere

The Andrews Labor Government’s Planning and Building Approvals Discussion Paper is code for denying local residents a say in the future of their suburbs.

In criticising Melbourne’s comparative low density, Dick Wynne’s Advisory Board has shown just how completely out of touch it is with communities’ desire to preserve neighbourhood character.

Victorians were promised by the Andrews Government that their liveability would improve, but all we get from this government is more congestion, over-development, lack of parking and the loss of amenity in our suburbs.

Rather than come up with solutions to address these issues, we now learn that the Andrews Labor Government wants to reduce the role of elected councillors in the planning process, proposing that bureaucrats should make important community decisions about planning, under a model called “deed of delegation”.

This “deed of delegation” is a sneaky guise to fast track the government’s strategic plan to see 70% of new development within established suburbs.

This Labor ploy will also see an increase in taxes collected from new homebuyers, who already struggling to break into the housing market, through Labor’s new cladding building levy. This levy is a new tax that will be levied on new apartment owners all because Daniel Andrews has maxed out the state’s credit card and can’t afford to fix his own cladding mess.

The 22 days set for consultation on this significant reform is entirely inadequate, and nothing but a sham.

Elected councillors are an integral part of local democracy, and by diminishing their role, this arrogant Andrews Labor Government is thumbing its nose at the community and their views on what’s built near their house.

Comments attributable to Shadow Planning Minister, Tim Smith:

“The proposed ‘Deed of Delegation’ model, which seeks to fast track approvals will only mean one thing: the further destruction of Marvellous Melbourne, by removing local community input into planning approvals.”

“If you believe Melbourne’s suburbs are being destroyed with too much medium and high density development now, wait for the disaster Melbourne will become if these recommendations are implemented by Labor.”

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