Grinding to a halt in Labor’s Victoria

The Urban Transport Crowding and Congestion report released today by Infrastructure Australia raises serious questions about transport infrastructure and decentralisation under Daniel Andrews.

Infrastructure Australia modelling indicates the annualised cost of road congestion in Melbourne will increase to $10.1 billion in 2031.

Further, the annualised cost of Melbourne and Geelong's public transport crowding is shown to increase by over four times, from $75 million in 2016 to $352 million in 2031.

The report also sounds alarm bells about worsening congestion on the Eastern Freeway.

The Infrastructure Australia report states: “the CityLink-Eastern Freeway connection across Melbourne’s inner north is predicted to remain one of the city’s worst performers in 2031.”

Infrastructure Australia, Infrastructure Victoria and Victorian motorists know an East West Link is a high priority project.

If Daniel Andrews hadn’t torn up the contract four years ago at a cost to taxpayers’ of $1.3 billion, the East West Link would now be open.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metro) and Transport Infrastructure

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