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Guaranteeing face-to-face learning to support families to recover and rebuild

Victorian students will have their face-to-face learning guaranteed under a new Liberals and Nationals commitment to get our kids educational and social development back on track.

Over 2020 and 2021, Victorian students lost up to 171 days of school over eight consecutive interrupted school terms.

This lost learning robbed children of critical time in the classroom to learn the fundamentals, grow their minds, independence and develop friendships and social skills.

The consequences of lockdowns and social isolation in our students will last a lifetime and the shattered mental health of young Victorians is the biggest threat facing our state today.

Now, more than ever, parents need certainty, and the confidence that the government of the day has their back and will support our students to recover and rebuild.

A Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will:

  • Deliver Victoria’s first Face-to-Face Learning Guarantee

  • Keep our schools open and re-focus learning on the fundamentals

  • Deliver a Mental Health Practitioner in every Victorian primary and secondary school

Parents understand that being at school with teachers and friends is the best learning environment for their children.

Our positive plan will give families and students the certainty they need to recover, rebuild and get their futures back on track.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“Our face-to-face learning guarantee means students will have the opportunity to be in the classroom from the first day of Term 1 to the last day of Term 4.

“A Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government have a plan to get our kids development and futures back on track.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, David Hodgett:

“The shattered mental health of young Victorians is the biggest threat facing our state today.

“Our plan will keep schools open, ensure that students are at school the maximum number of days and help students catch up on lost learning.”

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