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Gun violence continues under Andrews and Labor

Reports of multiple shootings in Melbourne last night is the latest reminder of the ongoing gun crime crisis in Victoria.

Despite the Andrews Government promising “game changer” new anti-gun laws in February 2018, Labor has botched the rollout of firearm prohibition orders and left Victoria Police stranded with unworkable anti-association orders.

This latest outbreak of violence comes as gun offences continue to jump under Labor, with firearms offences now up more than 17 per cent and prohibited and controlled weapons offences up over 25 per cent under Andrews.

With such serious gun violence a regular occurrence on our streets, its no wonder that under Andrews, Victorians do not feel safe as reflected by the worst perceptions of safety in the nation.

Comments attributable Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety, David Southwick:

“Victorians are rightfully concerned over their safety from the ongoing spike in violent gun crime under Andrews, yet he simply refuses to act.

“Labor’s botched anti-firearm laws have failed to keep the community safe and instead exposed ordinary Victorians to violent, armed criminals.”

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