Has Richard Wynne lied to Parliament about discussions with Daniel Andrews over planning amendment

In Question Time on Wednesday 27 November, Leader of the Opposition Michael O’Brien asked Labor’s Planning Minister, Richard Wynne:

“Has any Labor member of Parliament or former Labor candidate made any representation to the minister’s office about the C219 planning amendment?

Richard Wynne responded by saying:

“No. No current member of Parliament has made any representation to me in relation to this matter, or to my office.”

On Thursday 28 November in Question Time, Richard Wynne disclosed that;

The former MPs who had lobbied him were the “former Member for Cranbourne and the former Member for Narre Warren South. It is correct to say that both of those members made representations in relation to C219…”

Despite strenuously denying that any current MP has made representations about C219, The Age is today reporting:

“Mr Andrews and Mr Wynne both refused to answer questions about whether there had been any communication between them over the Cranbourne West rezoning application.”

The Age has also revealed that while Richard Wynne was deciding on a rezoning that would benefit John Woodman to the tune of millions of dollars; he met with Mr Woodman’s development company Watsons Pty Ltd at a Labor Party fundraiser in October 2018 held at PwC.

As the Herald Sun has revealed Mr Woodman has dined on at least two occasions with the Premier, it beggars belief that Daniel Andrews and Richard Wynne have not discussed Casey Planning Scheme Amendment C219 since it was approved by Casey Council in May 2018.

What Richard Wynne disclosed to Parliament last week is most probably complete rubbish. If Richard Wynne has lied to Parliament in such a blatant fashion he should resign.

Every day that passes, yet another murky detail about Labor’s dealings with John Woodman comes to light.

It’s time for Richard Wynne and Daniel Andrews to come clean and tell Victorians the truth.

Richard Wynne must front the media today and explain whether or not he has lied to Parliament about discussions he has had with the Premier about C219.

Tim Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage

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