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Health Minister rebukes Premier on bed blockers

Daniel Andrews has been rebuked by his own Health Minister over claims bed blocker patients in Victorian hospitals can simply go home.

On Sunday, Daniel Andrews stated that “if you’re well enough to go to Mickleham, you’re well enough to go home.”

Speaking in Parliament last week, Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas stated“Bed block has a real impact, including in cases like this of this young man. This is where patients who are medically well are unable to go home because they have nowhere to go.”

Further, the Minister said that “These are patients waiting for aged care, waiting for their NDIS packages to be approved. So this is a real challenge.”

These are exactly the type of patients the Liberals and Nationals’ plan to repurpose Mickleham quarantine facility will target – low care patients who do not require hospitalisation but do not have a home to go to.

Shadow Minister for Government Scrutiny, Louise Staley, said that instead of playing political games, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals are putting forward real solutions to fix the health crisis and give Victorians the care they deserve.

“Daniel Andrews and his Health Minister clearly aren’t on the same page,” Ms Staley said.

“The Health Minister understands there is a cohort of patients who can’t just simply go home – if only the Premier did too.

“The Liberals and Nationals have put forward a real solution to free up hospital beds and support those transitioning to longer term care.”

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Minister for Government Scrutiny

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