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Heyfield sale a vote of no confidence in Andrews’ ‘transition’ plan

Even Daniel Andrews doesn’t believe his own lies.

Reports today the Andrews Government will sell off its share of the Heyfield mill confirms Labor knows its so-called ‘plan’ to transition the native timber industry to plantation timber by 2030 won’t work.

Not a single hardwood plantation tree planted today will be available to industry by 2030.

If Andrews really believed the ban will secure a “long-term and sustainable future” for Victoria’s timber industry, the Government wouldn’t be desperate to sell off its share in the mill at a loss.

The Andrews Labor Government owes Victorians an explanation on why it spent $61 million of taxpayers’ money buying into the Heyfield mill only to destroy the native timber industry with its ban.

Andrews’ native timber ban will destroy jobs and timber communities in East Gippsland and north-east Victoria, but the Premier just doesn’t care.

Daniel Andrews should be supporting and promoting Victoria’s sustainable forest industry, not shutting it down.

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