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Higher gas bills for 12 years under Daniel Andrews’ plan to appease the Greens

A new report released today confirms that Victorians will face a decade of higher power prices under Daniel Andrews and Labor.

Modelling shows the Andrews Labor Government’s ideological plan to shut off natural gas in order to appease the Greens will leave households out of pocket for a period of 12 years, while only resulting in a 3 per cent reduction in emissions.

These figures come in addition to the 40 per cent increase in electricity prices demonstrated by Daniel Andrews’ own modelling.

In contrast to Daniel Andrews’ plan for higher energy bills, the Liberals and Nationals have Real Solutions to ease hip-pocket pressures and sensibility transition to a net-zero future, including:

  1. An up to $235 energy bill buster.

  2. Legislating a 100 per cent domestic reservation of Victorian Gas for Victorians.

  3. Maintaining the ban on fracking.

  4. Investing $1 billion in hydrogen technologies.

  5. Legislating a 50 per cent emission reduction target by 2030.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, David Southwick, said the only way to reduce power bills and sensibly transition to net-zero was to vote Liberals and Nationals.

“The Labor-Greens plan for a decade of higher energy prices is no plan at all.”

“Only a vote for the Liberals and Nationals will provide secure, reliable and affordable energy.”

David Southwick MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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