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Highest number of criminals in Victoria in 15 years

More than 20 extra crimes have taken place each and every day across Victoria over the past year.

Today’s crime statistics demonstrate that once again, crime is on the increase in Victoria with overall crime up 1.5 per cent for the past 12 months and 12 per cent since the Andrews Labor Government came to power.

The Crime Statistics Agency quarterly report found;

· home invasions up 43 per cent, common assaults up 47 per cent and motor vehicle theft up almost 12 per cent since the Andrews Labor Government was elected

· this is the eighth consecutive quarter where 15 to 19 year-olds are the biggest contributors to violent crime, from 20 to 24 year-olds previously

· the peak age for youth offenders and crimes against the person is 16, for property offences is 17 and drug offences is 19

· a record number of thefts from a retail store recorded 24,436 offences, up 7.6 per cent in 12 months

· family violence is up almost nine per cent this year

· 1 in 78 Victorians are criminal offenders, the highest number in 15 years, with 1 in 33 Victorians a victim of crime.

Despite the Andrews Labor Government’s $200 million ‘ICE Action Plan’, there has been an increase of 137 per cent in methylamphetamine possession since the 2014 state election.

Labor’s Firearm Protection Orders have failed to stop illegal guns with firearm offences up nearly 14 per cent and coincides with eight fatal shootings in eight weeks.

Under Daniel Andrews road safety has been neglected, resulting in a 183 per cent increase in dangerous driving offences since Labor came to power.

These dramatic increases in violence demonstrate why, according to the latest Ipsos Issues Monitor Survey, Victorians don’t feel safe and have the worst perceptions of safety in Australia.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety, David Southwick:

“Daniel Andrews and Labor has no plan to keep families safe in their homes, take guns and drugs off our streets, and save young people from a life of crime.

“Today’s crime statistics show why Victoria has the worst perception of safety in the nation and this will continue until Daniel Andrews puts community safety first.

“Alarmingly, more 15-year-olds are committing violent crimes than 19-year-olds and are committing adult offences with little to no consequences.”

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