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Hotel quarantine inquiry examines Labor’s failures

With the hotel quarantine inquiry’s first witnesses under public examination today, the day of reckoning for Premier Daniel Andrews and his hapless ministers to come clean with Victorians is getting nearer.

Despite regular media appearances and an ongoing parliamentary inquiry, it has been almost impossible to uncover the truth from the Andrews Labor Government about its hotel quarantine fiasco.

The failure of Daniel Andrews and his ministers to give open, honest and clear answers about who, how and why the hotel quarantine system was established makes it even more important that the COVID-19 hotel quarantine inquiry gets to the bottom of this mess.

Every Victorian is hurting as a result of this preventable fiasco.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Given this fiasco impacts every single Victorian, it is critical that the inquiry has input from as broad a range of the community as possible.

“While the Andrews Labor Government is interested in cover-ups, acting in the public interest, I offered to assist the inquiry, consistent with the precedents from the Tricontinental and Longford Royal Commissions.

“No more ducking, dodging and half-truths from the Andrews Labor Government, it’s time for honesty.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“Despite regular media appearances and an ongoing parliamentary inquiry, Victorians haven’t been able to get transparency from the Andrews Labor Government. Why not just be upfront and honest?

“The current preventable lockdown is destroying lives, jobs and communities. It’s more critical than ever that the COVID-19 hotel quarantine inquiry leaves no stone unturned and gets to the bottom of this mess. This is the largest public policy failing in Australia’s history.”

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