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Households hurting under Andrews

ABS data has confirmed what every Victorian household feels: Victorians are getting poorer under Daniel Andrews, an article in the Australian Financial Review reveals.

Last year, the national average gross household disposable income was $57,459. Victoria’s was $52,488 - $3411 less than the national average ranking only above South Australia in the poor stakes when the seven states and territories are ranked.

Even Tasmania, once the butt of many economic jokes, has overtaken Victoria when it comes to household disposable income.

Under Daniel Andrews, Victoria is powering toward an economic sinkhole of debt and collapsing household income.

Net debt is expected to hit $165.9 billion by 2025 or 24.6 per cent of gross state product.

They have less money to spend, and they are sinking in a mire of debt that their children and grandchildren will have to pay off.

Victorians have every right to feel betrayed by Daniel Andrews’ incompetent management of the economy.

Only by voting Liberals and Nationals will Victoria regain its national economic standing.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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