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Housing crisis truth hidden

Victorian Housing Minister Danny Pearson must release the hidden housing waiting list data that he has been sitting on for more than six months.

Each night more than 30,000 Victorians do not have somewhere to call home. Many tens of thousands more are struggling to keep a roof over their heads.

The Andrews Labor Government continues to distract Victorian voters on grandiose ideas, but refuses to be accountable for the most basic government obligation and that is the simple housing of its population.

Since the Andrews Labor Government came into power in 2014, the Victorian Housing Register of Priority Applications has increased by more than 300 per cent.

Shadow Minister for Housing, Richard Riordan, said Victorians seeking somewhere safe to live must be told the truth.

“The priority homeless waiting list must be published every quarter, yet the Andrews Labor Government treats this data like so many other truths about its government – as a secret.”

“63 families a week since the Andrews Labor Government came to power have been added to the homeless priority list. This is a disgrace and the government cannot continue to hide the most recent two quarters of statistics.”

“Minister Pearson must update Victorians before the election as to where his management of this heartbreaking problem lies.”

Richard Riordan MP

Shadow Minister for Housing

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