How much of Daniel Andrews’ $4 billion in cuts will hit our hospitals?

In Question Time today, Premier Andrews refused to come clean on how much of his $4 billion in cuts will be inflicted on Victoria’s already cash-strapped hospitals.

Last week the Treasurer announced this Labor Government will be imposing $4 billion of cuts and he has said he is “looking at every line item.”

Under Andrews and Labor there are already an extra 11,000 people languishing on Victoria’s hospital waiting lists. Further funding cuts would make this already dire situation even worse.

David Anderson, an 82-year-old veteran with a degenerative hip complaint has been told by the Andrews Labor Government that he will have to wait a year just to see a specialist, and that’s before he can even become yet another number on Labor’s long waiting list.

With $4 billion of budget cuts set to be ripped out of services including health, how can Victorians, like Mr Anderson, have any faith that they will get the medical care they desperately need?

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Andrews’ cuts to Victoria’s hospital have forced waiting lists sky-high; the $4 billion of cuts still to come will make them even worse.

“Andrews has maxed out the State’s credit card and has lost control of Victoria’s budget but the vicious cuts he is about to make will hurt those Victorians most in need.”

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