I’ve seen Chihuahuas that are better attack dogs than James Merlino

A year ago James Merlino made a ham-fisted attempt to refer his political opponents to Victoria Police.

Untroubled by his inability to get basic facts right, Merlino alleged his opponents had engaged in the same antics as Labor - the systematic rorting of electorate officers for electoral advantage.

You may recall the Ombudsman described Labor’s rorting as an ‘artifice’ that was wrong, and no other political parties aside from Labor, rorted the taxpayer in the same underhand way.

Daniel Andrews had to get Labor to repay almost $400,000 of stolen money.

Today Victoria Police have concluded that Merlino’s pitiful claims had no validity whatsoever.

I said in 2018 that this was a 'laughable ploy' from James Merlino. I was right.

I also said his claims were "farcical" and that his opponents had done nothing wrong. I was right again.

"He [Mr Merlino] is a desperate individual trying to muddy the waters because Labor is being investigated by the police as we speak.” This remains true in June 2019.

Labor figures are still under investigation for their red shirt rorting. I await to see if charges will be laid by Victoria Police, despite the fact that the Premier refused to cooperate.

Next time James Merlino is sent out as Labor’s attack Chihuahua, his allegations should be given the contempt they deserve.

Tim Smith MP

State Member for Kew

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