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If it looks like a tax, swims like a tax and quacks like a tax - it is a tax

The Andrews Labor Government is taking Victorians for fools with its latest attempt to spin away its latest tax hit on everyday Victorians.

This is not a contribution, it is a tax. It is not a levy, it is a tax.

Ultimately, it will be home buyers who pay this tax, not developers.

Yesterday, Minister for Consumer Affairs Melissa Horne issued a media release that, "Home buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to enter the [property] market with significant demand and rapid rises in property prices providing more barriers than ever before".

Yet, at the same time her government is hitting Victorian home buyers with a great big new housing tax.

Daniel Andrews’ new family homes tax will add a shocking $20,000 to the cost of an average Melbourne home.

Labor’s new family homes tax is the 18th new or increased property-based tax or charge hike imposed by Labor since 2014, including increases to land tax, stamp duty, transfer duties and vacant home and windfall gains tax.

At a time when the cost of building a new home in Victoria is rising faster than any other state, more taxes will only make homes less affordable and put young families saving for a deposit further behind.

Labor is addicted to imposing new taxes on property to pay for its mismanagement and $24 billion dollars of waste.

Victorian families and small businesses will keep falling behind whilst they continue to pick up the bill for the State Government’s budget failures.

Under a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government, there will be no new taxes to give communities the confidence they need to recover and rebuild.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Housing

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