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In black and white: another broken Labor election promise

In Question Time today, Treasurer Tim Pallas was under fire for misleading Parliament yesterday when he claimed of his raiding of funds from the TAC:

“We put this plan to the Victorian people.”

Labor’s election costings document committed to take $2.3 billion over four years from the TAC, the VMIA and WorkSafe combined.

Monday’s budget papers reveal that the Labor government is raiding these three entities for a total of $4.049 billion.

That’s a $1.749 billion broken promise.

Daniel Andrews, and his untruthful Treasurer have broken not just this election promise, but failed to fund at least 14 election commitments in the budget, and broken their promise of no new taxes.

Labor’s budget is one of broken promises, a sham surplus and that puts a ticking debt time bomb under Victoria’s economy.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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