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Inflation surge puts Victoria behind as increased cost of living hits families

Victorian families and small businesses are being left behind as the state suffers under Daniel Andrews and his out-of-touch Labor government.

Today’s CPI figures have seen Melbourne recording the nation’s second largest rise for the quarter of 2.3%, in contrast to Sydney at 1.7%. The annual Melbourne rise was 4.5%.

Significant increases noted by the ABS in Melbourne were new dwelling purchases by owner occupiers (+4.7%) and automotive fuel (+11.4%).

Gas and other household fuels (+10.9%) rose due to wholesale and network costs, with the ABS stating that the overall rise, (nationally 6.3%), was driven by Melbourne’s significant increase.

“This was the largest rise since the September 2012 quarter. The rise in Melbourne was driven by annual price reviews which factored in rising wholesale and network costs.”

New home purchases will become more difficult with increased dwelling prices exacerbated by increased state taxes on development and construction.

Shadow Treasurer David Davis said the last thing Victorian families need now is a new tax on the family home as planned by Labor.

“Victorian families are feeling cost pressures exacerbated by Daniel Andrews’ high taxes,” Mr Davis said.

“Labor has mismanaged the budget, and increased taxes and project cost blowouts have put Victoria in a weaker position than other Australian states.

“Labor has mismanaged major projects with massive transport projects blowing out by billions of dollars, now all added to the Victorian state debt.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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