Infrastructure Australia says an East West Link is a “high priority project”

Infrastructure Australia and every Victorian motorist knows an East West Link is a high priority project.

Only the Andrews Labor Government and the Greens continue to argue that Melbourne does not need a link between CityLink and the Eastern Freeway.

Infrastructure Australia’s release of the Infrastructure Priority List has identified a connection between the Eastern Freeway and CityLink as a “high priority project” with a “near term” timescale.

In 2014 Daniel Andrews claimed he could cancel the East West Link contract without any cost to taxpayers.

We now know that was a $1.3 billion lie.

If Daniel Andrews hadn’t cancelled the contract four years ago at a cost to taxpayers’ of $1.3 billion, construction of the East West Link would now be almost complete.

Instead, motorists moving between the eastern and western suburbs will remain stuck in congestion and that means less time with family and friends.

Infrastructure Victoria, Infrastructure Australia and the independent review by Rod Eddington in 2008 all unanimously agree that Melbourne needs an East West Link to connect two of our busiest roads.

Only Daniel Andrews and Labor could spend $1.3 billion to not build a road.

Not only has Daniel Andrews wasted $1.3 billion cancelling the East West Link contract, Infrastructure Australia says delays in that corridor could cost $144 million by 2031.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan) and Transport Infrastructure

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