It’s now time for Daniel Andrews to put up or shut up on education funding

After years of playing politics with school funding, the Andrews Labor Government has now signed a bilateral agreement on quality schools reform with the Commonwealth.

But the new agreement requires the Victorian Government to lift its funding share for government schools from 67.8 per cent, the lowest of any state, to 75 per cent by 2028.

Daniel Andrews can agree at any time to raise Victoria’s funding share for government schools, making sure all schools get the resources they need and deserve.

The Andrews Labor Government should now fully fund its share of state school funding rather than wasting time engineering a political situation that pits government and non-government schools against each other.

The signing of this agreement should put an end to an ugly chapter in the history of Victoria’s education system with a State Government hell bent of waging political warfare rather than being focussed on better outcomes for students and teachers.

Cindy McLeish MP

Shadow Minister for Education

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