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It’s time for rapid testing for Victoria’s Frontline Healthcare Workers

Today, the Victorian Liberal Nationals are calling for the urgent introduction of rapid testing for Victoria’s Frontline Healthcare Workers.

Victoria’s health system continues to be under pressure due to a lack of planning and preparation by the Victorian Labor Government.

With a record 766 new cases today, it’s time that rapid testing was introduced to frontline healthcare workers. Particularly to acute areas such as emergency departments where patients are requiring immediate treatment.

Rapid testing will add a further layer of protection to staff in these acute areas and to vulnerable patients.

It will also assist with the overall management of COVID-19.

Comments attributable to Shadow Health Minister, Georgie Crozier:

“With the current COVID-19 outbreak only worsening, the Victorian Government needs to urgently protect healthcare workers and vulnerable patients by the use of rapid testing.

“Adopting rapid testing for all frontline healthcare workers, especially in acute settings, is a common-sense approach to keep Victorians safe.

“Rapid testing is a quick and effective way to detect COVID-19 and is being widely used around the world.”

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