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Jacinta, here are some questions for you and Daniel to answer

Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan has today told the media that there are questions unanswered on integrity.

Jacinta, Victorians have these questions for Daniel Andrews and the Labor government on what your government has actually done:

1. Why did Daniel Andrews and his Labor MPs refuse to co-operate with Victoria Police over the Red Shirts rorts investigation despite saying “everybody should co-operate and everybody will” in July 2018?

2. Who made the decision to hire private security guards for hotel quarantine in Victoria, that led to 801 Victorian deaths and the World’s Longest Lockdown?

3. Why did Daniel Andrews say in his follow up statutory declaration to the Coate Inquiry that “I have no knowledge of what was discussed between Ms Ratcliff and Minister Neville” despite his own phone records indicating he spoke with both immediately after the conclusion of National Cabinet?

4. What secret deal did Daniel Andrews make with United Firefighter Union boss Peter Marshall over alleged firefighter pay deals and political support for the Victoria Labor Party?

5. Why did Daniel Andrews dismantle the CFA to satisfy union demands?

6. Why has Daniel Andrews been questioned, again, by the anti-corruption commission in relation to secret dealings with property developer John Woodman?

7. What did Daniel Andrews promise John Woodman for his sponsorship of the Premier’s Golf Day?

8. Why did the Premier’s office continue to delay and refuse to produce the correspondence between the Premier and Mr Woodman, as ordered by the Parliament, when the Premier had previously said no such documents exist?

9. Why did Daniel Andrews invite Mr Woodman to his post-election celebrations party?

10. Why did John Woodman’s consultant Megan Schultz tell the corruption commission “He [Daniel Andrews] gave me a kiss on the cheek and he said ‘Say hi to John, Megan, say hi to John’ and that Treasurer Tim Pallas said “Megan we work together, we work together to achieve outcomes”?

11. Why does Daniel Andrews continues to lie about the $2 billion that has been cut from this year’s health budget?

12. Why did Daniel Andrews approve an unsolicited bid by Transurban to build the West Gate Tunnel project whilst Treasurer Tim Pallas was a direct shareholder in the company?

13. Why does Daniel Andrews say he “respects” John Lenders – the mastermind of an almost $400,000 theft and misuse of taxpayers money as part of the Red Shirts rorts?

14. Why did John Lenders’ Statutory Declaration to the Victorian Ombudsman detail that Daniel Andrews had a red shirt campaigner in his Mulgrave electorate?

15. Why is Daniel Andrews refusing to repay more than $1.3 million misappropriated from taxpayers as confirmed by Operation Watts, for party political gain?

16. Why did Daniel Andrews’ office launch a targeted social media campaign against former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos?

17. Why did Daniel Andrews’ private office control the media appearances of Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton?

18. What factional deals did Daniel Andrews agree to in appointing Planning Minister Lizzie Blandthorn given her brother, John-Paul Blandthorn, is a director of major Labor-linked lobbying firm Hawker Britton?

19. Why does Daniel Andrews continues to accept political donations from the CFMEU, collecting more than $3 million in total?

20. Why did Daniel Andrews instruct Trades Hall to donate to the Transport Matters Party prior to the pandemic legislation vote?

21. Why did Daniel Andrews stand by staff who admitted to destroying a journalist’s Dictaphone that was stolen from the ALP State Conference?

22. Why did Daniel Andrews bully a Liberal MP about being overweight, and alleged slur another female MP who was suffering from bowel cancer?

23. Where are the 4000 ICU beds are that Daniel Andrews announced in 2020, denied he announced in 2021, and that has meant our most vulnerable are waiting in the rain outside an ED because there aren't enough beds and are often being sent home?

24. Why did Daniel Andrews approve a $10 million grant to Trades Hall, some of the largest financial supporters of the Victorian Labor Party?

25. Why did Daniel Andrews endorse more than 90 of his former Ministerial staff being parachuted into plum public service roles?

26. Why have at least 21 people have died waiting for an ambulance?

27. Why did Daniel Andrews break his promise of an injecting room in metropolitan Melbourne in a deal to secure preferences at the Northcote by-election?

28. Why does Daniel Andrews continues to hide the report into the second injecting room and further plans for suburban injecting rooms?

29. Why did Daniel Andrews break Victorian law by approving $1.7 million in taxpayer funded political adverts attacking the Federal Government?

30. Why, despite the warnings from the corruption commission and the Ombudsman, did Daniel Andrews confirm he would break the law again?

31. Why did Daniel Andrews breach the Victorian Charter of Human Rights with the 5-day hard lockdown of nine public housing towers in Melbourne in July 2020 which was found by the Victorian Ombudsman to be not based on direct health advice?

32. Why did Daniel Andrews restrict Victorians from their home state which the Victorian Ombudsman’s branded “downright unjust, even inhumane”?

33. Why has Daniel Andrews’ Ministerial staff budget increase by 100% since 2015-16?

34. Why did Daniel Andrews’ handpicked Speaker and Deputy Speaker rort taxpayer funds by misusing Parliamentary entitlements?

35. Why did Daniel Andrews’ handpicked Deputy President’s office rort taxpayer funds by misusing Parliamentary entitlements to stack Labor Party branches?

36. Why has Daniel Andrews spent nearly $1 million in taxpayer funds to buy friends on Facebook?

37. Why has Daniel Andrews spent taxpayer funds to take the Victorian Ombudsman to the High Court to stop himself being investigated for Red Shirts?

38. Why did Daniel Andrews back a Minister who was caught chauffeuring his pet dogs around in his Ministerial car?

39. Why can’t Victorians expect an operator on the other end of a 000 call?

40. Why has Daniel Andrews backed a Minister who kept a $2000 bike given to him by a major events company?

41. Why has Daniel Andrews blocked an investigation into his breaches of the Code of Conduct for bullying three senior public servants?

42. Why did Daniel Andrews fail to launch investigations into accusations of bullying and intimidation of senior female Labor MP’s Kaushaliya Vaghela and Jane Garrett?

43. Why were lockdown measures like playground closures and curfews made when there was no health advice to support them?

44. Why did Daniel Andrews refuse to release the health advice that was behind locking us down, which was later revealed to be based on ‘big brother’ political focus group polling that breached privacy and monitored public sentiment and also cost the taxpayer over $4.5 million?

45. Why was corruption commissioner Robert Redlich was gagged at a parliamentary committee, shut down by the Government when he mentioned Daniel Andrews’ name?

46. Why does Daniel Andrews continue to back Nancy Yang as a Labor Party staffer?

47. Why did Daniel Andrews cut the budget to the corruption commission, then lie to a Parliamentary committee about it?

48. Why have you, Jacinta, failed to comply with the law requiring the production of an integrated transport plan even after being caught out by the Auditor General?

Louise Stanley MP

Shadow Minister for Government Scrutiny

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