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Jihadis spread terror in prison under Daniel Andrews

Reports that up to a dozen violent offenders have been radicalised by convicted terrorists in Port Phillip Prison raises serious concerns about community safety under the Andrews Labor Government.

These convicted terrorists have reportedly targeted serious violent offenders, including those found guilty of armed robbery and serious sexual and firearms offences.

When these potentially radicalised violent offenders are released from prison there is a risk of avoiding any formal terror watch list or supervision order due to their initial offending being non-terror related.

Convicted terrorists being freely able to recruit and radicalise other inmates within Victoria’s largest maximum-security prison is just another example of Andrews’ failure to run a functional correctional system.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Corrections, David Southwick:

“Under Andrews and Labor prisoners are being radicalised instead of rehabilitated in jail and coming out more dangerous than they went in.

“Andrews needs to explain why terrorists are being given free rein to mingle with and radicalise mainstream prisoners.

“Under the Andrews Labor Government, Victoria’s prisons are not just universities of crime but are now becoming universities of terror.”

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