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Jobs lost while Labor offers doughnuts

Labor’s decision to close Flinders Street to traffic is having a crushing effect on small business and their workers but Daniel Andrews refuses to assist.

In Question Time today, Labor’s Transport Infrastructure Minister, Jacinta Allan refused to acknowledge many small businesses bearing the brunt of Labor’s decision to shut down Flinders Street for years.

One small business, Walkers Doughnuts, has suffered a 20 per cent drop in sales and has had to retrench seven staff since the recent closure of the north side of Flinders Street.

Despite repeated requests, staff of the Metro Tunnel Authority have refused to meet with a group of traders including Walkers Doughnuts, Flora Indian Restaurant and Dangerfield, who were told: “we don’t do meetings together.”

The arrogant Andrews Labor Government is once again treating small businesses and their workers with contempt as budget blow-outs mean they are making others pay for their mismanagement.

Daniel Andrews and Labor can’t manage money, can’t manage major projects and as a result, small businesses and their workers are forced to pay the price.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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