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Keeping Victoria’s healthcare workers safe with PSO trial for hospitals

No one should be subjected to abuse, harassment or harm at their workplace.

That’s why a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will implement important safety measures to keep our valued healthcare workers safe at hospitals.

A new two-year trial to support the recruitment, training and deployment of 75 new Victoria Police Protective Services Officers (PSOs) to provide around the clock immediate response support from external Mobile Stations located at or adjacent to, five of Melbourne’s busiest public hospitals, will improve the safety and security for all staff, patients and visitors.

PSOs will be able to respond to calls for help from their Mobile Stations and provide immediate support to hospital staff or police to assist with mental health patients or those influenced by drugs and alcohol. Importantly, this measure will free up police resources by allowing them to return to normal operational duties.

We also know that our dedicated healthcare staff often walk lengthy distances to and from their cars at night and early hours of the morning, and sadly, so many have experienced verbal and physical abuse during these times and while carrying out their lifesaving work in wards.

The Liberals and Nationals understand that is not okay under any circumstance and will implement these measures immediately upon forming government.

Initially, the trial of PSO Mobile Stations will be implemented at:

  1. Royal Melbourne Hospital

  2. Dandenong Hospital

  3. Box Hill Hospital

  4. Frankston Hospital

  5. Sunshine Hospital

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said the safety of both staff and patients at hospitals was vitally important.

“A government I lead will not tolerate any abuse towards our valued health care workers,” Mr Guy said.

“The Liberals and Nationals are committed to fix the health crisis, and this starts by supporting our healthcare workers to feel safe and valued when carrying out their important work.”

Shadow Minister for Police, Brad Battin, said recruiting more PSOs would ultimately lighten the load on sworn police officers.

“To have 75 dedicated PSOs responding to safety issues at some of our busiest hospitals means vital police resources won’t be stretched or tied up any further, and that they can get back to responding to other emergencies,” Mr Battin said.

“Our plan to have PSOs respond from Mobile Stations at hospitals is backed by The Police Association of Victoria, and we’ll get to work on delivering a trial program straight away.”

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier, said the Liberals and Nationals will fix the health system by attracting and retaining a dedicated workforce.

“As a former nurse and midwife, I have experienced and seen what can happen, and it is not okay,” Ms Crozier said.

“Our commitment to have PSOs respond to safety concerns and incidents at hospitals will mean a safer workplace for our valued staff so they can continue to do what they do best, care for those who need it.”

Matt Guy MP Brad Battin MP Georgie Crozier

Leader of the Liberal Party Shadow Minister for Police Shadow Minister for Health

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