Labor and cross benchers fail to stand up for their communities on tolls

Fiona Patton, Stuart Grimley, Andy Meddick and Tanya Maxwell today voted with Labor in the Upper House to defeat an Opposition motion that would have:

  • insisted that the State Government pay no more than the contracted amount and not further extend any toll concession with Transurban; and

  • called for a pause on the collection of West Gate Tunnel related tolls levied on existing CityLink roads.

Comments attributable the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, David Davis MP:

“Today’s vote by Labor and others makes it clear that, not only will there be no relief from the West Gate Tunnel tolls already imposed on City Link users, increased tolls are coming.

“The longer the completion of the West Gate Tunnel is delayed, the more existing City Link users will pay for a tunnel they can’t use and which they may never use.

“Labor’s “sweetheart” West Gate Tunnel deal with Transurban is a bad deal for City Link users in particular and Victorians more generally.

“At a time of increasing cost pressures on Victorians’ household budgets, Labor have no shame in adding to their burden.

“Today’s vote means Labor intend to rachet up tolls again and again to cover the additional costs of their botched West Gate Tunnel Project”