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Labor and crossbench MPs vote down inquiry into solar rebate disaster

Daniel Andrews’ Labor MPs combined with three crossbench MPs have voted down an inquiry into the mess that is Labor’s solar rebate scheme.

With solar industry job losses growing and businesses closing their doors every week, today was an opportunity to finally shed some light on the Andrews Labor Government’s botched Solar Homes program.

The Liberal Nationals attempted to establish an inquiry into Labor’s botched solar rebate scheme in the Upper House.

The inquiry was thwarted by Labor and three cross benchers – Andy Meddick (Animal Justice Party), Fiona Patten (Reason Party) and Catherine Cumming (Independent).

Catherine Cumming heartlessly refused to even speak with the industry peak body, the Smart Energy Council.

With Labor’s Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio in complete denial about the growing range of problems her Solar Homes program has created for the industry, a Parliamentary inquiry would have allowed business owners and those working in the solar industry to tell their stories and demonstrate to the government why an urgent review of the policy is needed.

Mr Meddick, Ms Patten and Ms Cumming now share responsibility for not helping to address the grief and hardship solar workers and business owners are suffering.

The Liberal Nationals are grateful to the Justice Party, Greens, SFF Party, Liberal Democrats, Sustainable Australia and Transport Matters MPs who supported the motion to pursue openness and transparency around this crisis.

With the protection of three crossbench MPs, the Andrews Labor Government will now continue to engage in a cover-up of a failed policy to save face at the expense of real jobs and real businesses.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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