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Labor announces new housing tax

Today’s announcement by the Andrews Labor Government that it will impose a new housing tax is yet another blow to Victorians already struggling to break into the housing market.

This new tax will unfairly be levied on thousands of Victorians buying new apartments to fund the removal of cladding on existing apartment buildings; all because Labor has run out of money to fix this mess.

The Andrews Government has known about this crisis for almost five years and has failed to take action to adequately address it.

As a result of Labor’s reckless spending and inability to save for this eventuality, future homeowners of new apartments will pay the price for Daniel Andrews’ failure to address this cladding mess responsibly.

By increasing the cost of building permits on new homes Daniel Andrews is putting further pressure on Victorians swamped by cost of living pressures due to skyrocketing power bills and new and increased taxes under his government.

Because Labor can’t manage money, they come after yours.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, Tim Smith:

“Labor can’t manage money. As a result, they are now going to slug homebuyers of new apartments with a new tax, making it harder for Victorians to buy their first home.”

“This isn’t fair.”

“The Andrews Labor Government has known about this cladding crisis for years and even now it has not allocated the funds needed to ensure the homes of thousands of Victorians are safe.”

“Daniel Andrews needs to come clean as to who will miss out through his scheme and not have their dangerous flammable cladding removed, forcing innocent homeowners to live in potential death traps.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“Daniel Andrews is imposing yet another new tax on homebuyers who are already struggling in the highest taxed state in the nation.”

“The Andrews Labor Government has an unquenchable thirst for taxes, and this latest tax will just add even more to the already sky-high cost of living.”

“The Government should be making it easier for first home buyers to afford their first home, not harder.”

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