Labor arrogance faces reality-check in the Upper House

The Liberal Nationals, with the support of several crossbenchers have successfully halted Clause 6 in Labor’s Parliamentary Committees Amendment Bill 2019 which would have given some favoured Labor MPs a sweet pay rise.

At a time when Victorians are struggling with the cost of living, Daniel Andrews and Labor have decided to focus on themselves by attempting to give a significant pay rise to favoured Labor politicians.

The Premier’s Parliamentary Secretary and the Government Whip would have benefited from significant pay increases. The total of the new pay rises for favoured Labor MPs in this term would be approximately $250,000. Included was the attempt to create the new position of Deputy Government Whip in the Assembly, which would come with a 10% pay rise.

Politics is about choices and priorities.

Daniel Andrews chose to make his priority the passing of a big pay rise.

The choice could not be clearer. Daniel Andrews’ top priority is attempting to pass a new law to pay favoured MPs a lot more money. The Liberal Nationals would rather fund more nurses, more teachers or more police.

Kim Wells MP

Shadow Special Minister of State

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