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Labor avoids scrutiny on dangerous pandemic legislation

The Andrews Labor Government has continued to ram it’s dangerous pandemic management legislation through Parliament.

Last night, after gagging debate on these new laws in the Legislation Assembly, Labor denied leave to debate a Liberal Nationals’ referral of the Bill to Parliament’s Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee.

The majority of new Bills in Parliament are considered by this committee, which provides a key review mechanism to consider human rights and other impacts of new legislation.

Daniel Andrews has promised these new laws will increase accountability of pandemic response but all do is take power and oversight away from the Parliament, the people and health officials and place it in the hands of the Premier.

Now, instead of following proper processes and responding to the concerns of the Victorian Bar Association, multicultural organisations, the Victorian Ombudsman, Melbourne Law School and Liberty Victoria, Labor arrogantly continue to ram these laws through Parliament.

The Liberal Nationals attempted to block the introduction of this legislation into the Upper House but minor parties sided with Labor to force its introduction.

Never listen to what Labor says – only look at what Labor does.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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