Labor blocks motion to repay $1.35 million stolen from Victorian taxpayers

A Victorian Liberals and Nationals motion calling on Daniel Andrews to repay $1.35 million of misused taxpayer money has been narrowly voted down in the Legislative Council.

The final vote on the motion failed 18 – 17, as Labor MPs supported by the Reason Party, Transport Matters Party and Animal Justice Party voted against returning taxpayer money misused for the Labor Party’s benefit.

In 2018, Daniel Andrews repaid $388,000 of taxpayers’ money that was fraudulently misused as part of the Labor’s infamous red shirts scheme.

Four years later, Operation Watts has detailed further similar cases of misuse of public money by the Labor Party, including;

  • Over $110,000 paid to a factionally appointed political staffer who “carried out very little (if any) legitimate” work (page 91).

  • Up to $14,000 of stamp purchases misused for political purposes (page 81).

  • Almost $30,000 paid to a Labor political staffer who sent only one work email during his entire period of employment (page 107).

  • Grants award by former Minister Robin Scott to Labor linked community organisations totalling more than $1 million (page 120).

  • Grants award by former Minister Marlene Kairouz to Labor linked community organisations totalling $194,750 (page 127).

The findings of further misuse of public money by the Labor Party continues eight years on, with scandals including more than 90 former staff members now being investigated by the Ombudsman for jobs for mates, dodgy workplace dealings, millions in grants to Trades Hall, relationships with alleged corrupt developers and breaches of Victorian political advertising laws.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, David Davis, said Operation Watts has proven Daniel Andrews to be a rorting re-offender and taxpayers deserved their money back. Only Labor’s good friends in the Upper House, Patten, Barton and Meddick stood in the way of the Parliament demanding Labor’s latest proven abuses be repaid immediately.

“The Labor Party is only in it for themselves and are not the party for Victoria’s future.”

“Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, Labor have voted to keep misused taxpayer money in their own pockets.”

“Only a change of government will end the health crisis, stop the waste and mismanagement and return integrity to Victoria.”

David Davis MP

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council