Labor blows taxpayer money buying off union mates

After disastrous performances in Question Time both today and yesterday, Labor’s train-wreck of a Public Transport Minister, Melissa Horne, today either couldn’t, or wouldn’t reveal exactly how much taxpayers’ money has been paid out to settle a dispute between a private company and the Transport Workers Union.

A union strike between Ventura Bus Lines and the Transport Workers’ Union was called off just before last year’s election due to an intervention by the Andrews Government, with Labor throwing taxpayers’ money around to fix a political problem.

While it has been reported that this intervention may have cost Victorians tens of millions of dollars, Labor has failed to reveal exactly how much taxpayers’ money was used to settle this industrial row.

Worse still, Labor’s hapless Minister for Public Transport has refused to release the criteria by which the Andrews Labor Government decided to spend taxpayer money to settle this private dispute between a business and a union.

This secrecy and lack of transparency is what Victorians have come to expect from this arrogant government that believes that the rules don’t apply to them.

Victorians rightly expect that their taxes will be spent wisely, not misused by Labor Governments to fix their political problems and pay off their union mates involved in a private industrial dispute.

What is the government trying to hide? Why won’t Labor reveal to Victorians how much of their money they have spent appeasing their union mates?

David Davis MP

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

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