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Labor breaks promise to implement Crown changes

The Andrews Labor Government cannot be trusted to deliver the reforms needed to clean up Victoria’s casino.

Labor today walked away from its promise to implement all of the Royal Commission’s recommendations to reform Crown Casino.

The Liberals and Nationals have called on the government to release the departmental advice it says underpins its decision not to proceed with mandatory precommitment measures at Crown Casino, as was recommended by the Royal Commission.

Commissioner Finkelstein was scathing towards Crown’s approach to problem gambling.

He made 33 recommendations for reform, which the government said it would implement.

This included the recommendation that the YourPlay system be replaced with a “full, mandatory, binding, pre-commitment system for Australian residents gambling on EGMs [electronic gaming machines] at the Melbourne casino.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Liquor & Gambling, Steph Ryan:

“Labor has again shown its soft belly when it comes to decisions about Crown Casino."

“The Andrews Government must release the advice from the public sector in full and without delay."

“Victorians can make up their own minds as to why the Labor party is making yet another decision in Crown Casino’s favour.”

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