Labor doubles the disappointment for duck hunters

The Andrews Labor Government has yet again turned its back on the field and game community by refusing to extend game licences that were unusable for large parts of 2021 due to lockdowns.

Labor’s Minister for Agriculture today wrote to Field and Game Australia advising she was vetoing their request for licences to be extended due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, saying the government was unable to due to costs.

Leader of the Nationals Peter Walsh said lockdowns had severely limited this year’s hunting season, particularly for Melbourne-based people, and Labor’s latest action was yet another letdown.

“This is a government that did not hesitate to spend millions of dollars attempting to shirk responsibility and defend its actions through the hotel quarantine inquiry, but baulks at the opportunity to support everyday Victorians in a legitimate, lawful recreation. It’s a complete cop-out,” he said.

“We’ve seen just how wasteful this government is when it comes to spending, with cost blowouts all over the place, and it’s always hardworking Victorians who pay the price.

“The only reason that so many hunters couldn’t use their permits this year is because of Labor’s draconian lockdown rules. But instead of coming up with a fair solution, Labor just dishes up more disappointment.

“The Nationals are calling for the Minister to overturn her decision and do the right thing by the field and game community

Peter Walsh MP

Shadow Minister for Agriculture