Labor dumps dodgy planning decision amidst national crisis

Labor’s Planning Minister Richard Wynne has thrown out the trash late in the news cycle and in the middle of the country’s worst health emergency.

Despite sitting on a planning decision in Cranbourne West that stood to make millions for developer John Woodman and at the centre of an IBAC investigation for about two years, the Minister has chosen to reject it via a media release at the same time Labor’s Health Minister and Victoria’s Chief Health Officer was addressing the media over COVID-19.

The controversial planning decision known as C219 proposed to rezone commercial land to residential with developer John Woodman standing to pocket millions of dollars.

The announcement comes at the same time thousands of documents identifying Labor connections to John Woodman are refused to be released under Freedom Of Information and remain sitting in the Minister’s office pending a Liberal Nationals appeal.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Planning Minister, Tim Smith:

“Dick Wynne has sat on this dodgy planning application for two years and has cowardly released it when he thinks he can avoid any questioning.

“This tainted and dodgy planning scheme amendment should have been rejected by the Andrews Labor Government years ago.

“Is the reason Dick Wynne didn’t reject it outright back in 2018, because of the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars dodgy developer John Woodman gave to Labor in the lead up to the 2018 election.”

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