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Labor fails most vulnerable children in Victoria

Vulnerable children across Victoria continue to be failed as hundreds of reports of substantiated abuse and neglect are being ignored by the Andrews Labor Government.

New figures revealed through questioning in public accounts and estimates hearings revealed that 2537 children in March were waiting to be assigned to a case manager, representing an increase from 4 per cent last year to a shocking 13.8%.

This year's budget further highlighted the danger to at-risk children during lockdowns, with significantly lower numbers of reports made to child protection during 2021-22, with 'less oversight in schools' being blamed.

Child protection services reduced face-to-face visits with at-risk children during lockdowns and stopped direct contact with two children who later died.

Further, the Commission for Children and Young People's annual report found that that there had been a disproportionate increase in deaths of Aboriginal children in recent years, including 13 of the 45 deaths last year.

Shadow Minister for Child Protection, Matt Bach said "the highest responsibility of government is the protection of our most vulnerable citizens."

"The Andrews Government is failing Victoria's most vulnerable children catastrophically."

Matt Bach MP

Shadow Minister for Child Protection

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