Labor fails school software rollout

The Andrews Labor Government has once again failed to successfully roll out a computer system, this time in Victorian schools.

The International Student Information Management System is being implemented to assist in managing Victoria’s strong international student population.

According to the Andrews Government’s ICT dashboard, the project is already significantly delayed and $800,000 over budget.

This 72 per cent blow out in the project cost comes on the back of Labor’s failure to implement the new Fines Victoria software to keep track of and issue fines which still does not work.

The government has identified that the project “is critical for the delivery of DET's International Student Program. Status is red because, having completed 14 sprints through an Agile methodology, the project team has advised the ISIMS Project Board that it will require more time and budget to deliver the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The Board is exploring funding options. Time delays risk losing staff critical to project delivery.”

The Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade, Martin Pakula has previously stated: “Victoria’s international education sector is going from strength to strength, supporting tens of thousands of direct jobs and breaking export records.”

The project was due to be finished in December 2017 but is now scheduled for completion April 2020, over two years late.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Cindy McLeish:

“The Andrews Labor Government can’t manage money and can’t manage projects.

“Everything the Andrews Labor Government touches fails, from the botched and costly Fines Victoria debacle, and now in education. This is money that could have been spent on improving education outcomes for Victorians yet has been wasted by Daniel Andrews.”

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