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Labor fails to deliver reliable, affordable and renewable energy for Victoria

The Andrews Labor Government has cut funding for programs that help Victorians maintain reliable, affordable and renewable energy.

In its 2021-22 State budget, Labor has:

  • cut energy related programs by 17.4 per cent

  • cut the Solar Home Program by 24.1 per cent

  • cut the Maintaining Essential Energy Functions program by 37.2 per cent

By its own measure, Labor are cutting programs that are designed to “maintain a safe, secure and reliable energy system and ensure Victoria can realise the benefits of the rapid rate of growth in renewable energy”.

Victorian Labor have had 17 of the past 21 years to deliver a credible plan for Victoria’s future energy mix so Victorians can access affordable and reliable power.

The Andrews Government claims to want to rapidly invest in connecting renewables to the grid, only to put the brakes on their Solar Home programs.

With such severe energy and renewable budget cuts, Victorian Labor have proven they can’t get something as critical, but as basic, as energy supply right.

Victorians are being let down by Labor having no plan for our state and taxing us more, but giving us less.

Budget blowouts in the billions, waste and mismanagement is putting our economic recovery at risk.

Brad Rowswell MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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