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Labor flags rule changes to gag the Opposition

In Question Time today, Labor’s Leader of the House, Jacinta Allan, threatened to change long standing rules of the Parliament to prevent the Opposition from asking questions and holding the Andrews Labor Government to account.

This extraordinary threat is yet another example of the arrogance of the Andrews Labor Government.

Every Member of Parliament is elected to represent their communities and this threat from a senior Labor Minister is an affront to democracy and centuries of Parliamentary convention.

This week the Government has been feeling the heat of the Opposition’s questioning on the Richmond drug injecting room, the Premier’s deal with China, Labor’s Fines Victoria debacle, the stalled Murray Basin Rail Project, protesters in the Melbourne CBD, and the pressure is starting to show.

Daniel Andrews is attempting to hide from scrutiny as his crisis ridden government seeks to silence anyone holding them to account.

Kim Wells MP

Manager of Opposition Business

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