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Labor forgets Victoria’s most vulnerable

The Andrews Government has forgotten the state’s most vulnerable, rushing through important National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) compliance legislation against normal standard parliament processes and shutting down consultation with the people it will affect.

This Bill contains requirements to transition to the NDIS, including quality and safeguard measures, but it seems the government forgot about the July 1 deadline to align with the Federal Scheme.

Other states, which were required to pass similar legislation, are well ahead of Victoria. There is no reason for the Minister to have left this important reform to the last minute. Normally, there would be two weeks to consult on legislation before it is debated, allowing for disability groups and other key stakeholders to have their say on what works and doesn't work in the legislation.

But the Andrews Government has decided to callously rush through this process in just two days, shutting down the consultation period.

The Opposition has been left with no option but to offer a ‘not oppose’ stance and review the legislation between houses, but it’s not good enough for such an important Bill.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Disability, Tim Bull:

There can really only be one reason why this has occurred, we clearly have a Minister who forgot about our most vulnerable and his commitment to the NDIS.

Surely there is nothing more important than these safeguards, which will protect those with special needs when they transition to the NDIS.

The NDIS has always had bipartisan support, but this oversight is inexcusable for the 105,000 Victorians with a disability and their families.

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