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Labor hides secret Transurban deal to ram through West Gate Tunnel legislation

Today in Parliament Daniel Andrews and Labor voted to hide the details of their dodgy deal with Transurban to slug Victorian motorists more, and for longer.

The Liberal Nationals support the building of the West Gate Tunnel.

It needs to be built.

But it is unfair to expect motorists who never drive on the new road to pay higher tolls, and for longer, just because Labor can’t manage money.

We know this is a bad deal for Victorian motorists, but Labor continues to hide the details of exactly how bad it is. If this were a good deal for Victorians, Labor would be happy to release the details.

Under Labor’s plan, Victorians who drive on the Tullamarine and Monash freeways will be paying higher CityLink tolls for longer, so that Labor can build an entirely different road.

The West Gate Tunnel needs to be built, but forcing motorists who don’t use a road to pay for it is just not fair.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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