Labor holds industry hostage to push through a new housing tax

The Andrews Labor Government is determined to push through its new housing tax no matter the cost.

It’s reported that Labor has given the housing industry an ultimatum: either accept the new tax or lose planning reforms.

Shadow Treasurer David Davis has condemned the bully-boy tactics.

“Holding the housing industry hostage over a new housing tax is appalling.” Mr Davis said

“It says everything about this government that it’s threatening to dump planning reforms if it doesn’t get its new tax.”

“The industry needs to hold the line: Victoria needs planning reforms, but it doesn’t need yet another new tax.”

The new Daniel Andrews housing tax would add around $20,000 to price of a new home.

“This is the last thing struggling families need.” Mr Davis added.

“The Liberals and Nationals have a plan to rebuild Victoria and make it number one again, with no new taxes.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer