Labor inaction serves up double-fault to Australian Open travel

Tram strikes will cause commuter chaos for visitors to the Australian Open later this month as the dispute between the Andrews Labor Government and the union heats up.

Unless the embattled Transport Minister Melissa Horne steps in, this will be the sixth time that trams have been affected by industrial action under her watch.

Strikes on Tuesday and Thursday the 28th and 30th of January, during the peak of the Australian Open, would be a major embarrassment and would harm Melbourne’s international reputation as a host of major events.

Victorians cannot afford for Minister Horne to be “asleep at the wheel” while this ugly industrial dispute drags on.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Nick Wakeling:

“Tram strikes during the Australian Open will be another unforced error and a major embarrassment that Victorians cannot afford.

“Everyone should be able to access major events without being stuck in the middle of an ugly dispute between the Labor Government, Yarra Trams and the tram union.

“Minister Horne needs to do her job and intervene to end this dispute before anyone’s access to the Australian Open is disrupted.

“If Labor can’t halt tram strikes during the Australian Open, what’s next, strikes during the Grand Prix?”

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