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Labor leaves Victoria $2.7 billion upside down on infrastructure funding

Revelations of even more cuts to infrastructure spending in tomorrow’s Federal Budget means Victoria is now $2.7 billion upside down.

So far Labor has announced $4.9 billion in cuts to Victoria’s infrastructure budget, and just $2.2 billion in spending – on the Suburban Rail Loop which no one wants.

Last week, Labor cut $4 billion from the East West Link, today they have announced another $900 million in cuts, including $475 million for an important rail link between Caulfield and Clayton, and $260 million to remove a dangerous and busy rail crossing on Glenferrie Road.

“The Federal Labor Government is treating Victoria with contempt”, Shadow Treasurer, David Davis says.

“Victorians are literally paying the price of Daniel Andrews’ dodgy Suburban Rail Loop.”

“Important infrastructure is being cut to pay for Mr Andrews’ Suburban Rail Loop which doesn’t even have a business case.”

“And the rest of our infrastructure money is being pocketed by Federal Labor, no doubt to be spent on other pet political projects”, Mr Davis concluded.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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