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Labor must address building sector collapse

As many Victorians face the uncertainty of an abandoned building site and the potential loss of money already paid, the Andrews Labor Government must immediately acknowledge it’s part in the current building crisis.

Victoria’s labour shortage has been made worse with the State Government cannibalising workers from the commercial and residential construction sector for the sake of billions-over-budget and incompetently managed government infrastructure projects. This has exactly the effect of the reduced labour capacity we are now experiencing.

In addition, Labor’s lockdowns caused many new homes and renovations to be delayed, with restrictions in travel between metro and country sites being just one example of government adding to these delays. Lockdowns also meant that new building contracts could not be completed in time to keep pace with rising materials costs.

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage, Ryan Smith said first home buyers are paying the price for the Andrews Labor Government’s mismanagement of the building sector.

“Labor’s new Planning Minister does not have the luxury of sitting back while she learns the ropes. There is an immediate crisis that demands immediate action.”

“Initiating discussions with financial institutions to delay the imposition of default rates or other penalties would be a good start. Sitting down with the building sector to map a way out of this unfolding disaster would be a great next step.”

“The dreams of many Victorian families are in tatters as building companies continue to struggle; the government needs to step up and give these families some hope.”

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage

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