Labor raids TAC to prop up dishonest budget

In an arrogant display of negligence, the Andrews Labor Government will seize billions of dollars set aside for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to instead prop up its State Budget.

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) inquiry into the 2022-23 Budget Estimates revealed the Government has once against used the TAC as its cash cow, ripping a staggering $3 billion from the organisation over the forward estimates.

This action will jeopardise vital drug testing programs by the Victorian Police, the development of new technologies, fixing dangerous black spots, advertising campaigns, and services assisting those who have been seriously injured in road accidents.

The unprecedented funding raid, a whopping $650 million increase to what was outlined in the previous state budget, is a desperate attempt to balance a dishonest budget crippled by infrastructure cost blowouts.

Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Cindy McLeish said vital investment in road safety education would be shelved at a time the state’s road toll is climbing.

“At a time Victorian roads are in the worst condition ever seen, funding to protect road users should be increased, not stripped away,” Ms McLeish said.

“If the Andrews Labor Government hadn’t overseen more than $28 billion in infrastructure cost blow outs, they wouldn’t have had to raid vital services such as the TAC.”

“Our vehicle registrations contribute to the TAC and Victorians should expect support for those injured and investment to make driving conditions safer, not prop up a Government that can’t manage a budget.”

Cindy McLeish MP

Shadow Assistant Treasurer