Labor ram-raids the TAC for its sham surplus

Daniel Andrews’ decision to ram-raid the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to prop up his unsustainable budget has real world consequences. Budget papers reveal that, at a time when the road toll is at a 14 year high, Daniel Andrews is ripping $2.872 billion out of the TAC over the next four years.

$890 million is being plundered from the TAC in 2019-20 alone. Without this raid on the TAC and $277 million from the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, Labor’s budget would be in deficit.

That is TAC money that could be used to fix unsafe roads or reduce TAC premiums for struggling families instead of propping up Labor’s poor economic management. That is money that should be used to help people like Lyn Newnham’s daughter, Emily, who had a car accident last July, leaving her a paraplegic. Lyn is unable to bring her daughter home to Euroa because the TAC won’t fund the changes required to their family home.

After eight months spent negotiating changes, Lyn yesterday received the heart wrenching news that the TAC will not fund the modifications required for Emily to live in her home, requiring Lyn to sell.

It is unconscionable that the Treasurer, Tim Pallas, is raiding the TAC for a budget surplus when Emily needs to be home with her mum.

It is a disgrace that the Andrews Labor Government is faking a surplus at the expense of road trauma victims.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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