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Labor rejects immediate funding boost for IBAC and the Victorian Ombudsman

In a stunning show of arrogance, the Andrews Labor Government has continued to evade transparency and integrity by opposing a motion which would increase funding to the agencies that fight corruption in Victoria.

Labor, along with its army of Labor voting independents, blocked a motion put forward by the Liberals and Nationals which would have provided an immediate injection of $10 million for the IBAC and $2 million for the Victorian Ombudsman, a policy already committed by the Opposition.

With Daniel Andrews and his Government at the centre of three current IBAC corruption investigations, an immediate cash injection would guarantee the required resources for it to complete its investigations thoroughly and independently.

Furthermore, it would ensure the Ombudsman’s inquiry into the politicisation of the Victorian public service continues, and that Victorians are made aware of its outcome promptly.

By dismissing the motion, Labor has tightened the screws on these key independent officers and their critical role in preventing maladministration and corruption.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, David Davis, said proper funding needed to be provided to stamp out corruption in our state.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor are subject to multiple corruption inquiries and in an arrogant show of contempt, they have turned the financial screws on IBAC and the Ombudsman,” Mr Davis said.

“Rather than stand against corruption, Labor has instead opted to squeeze IBAC’s funding to slam the brakes on the corruption investigations it is at the centre of.

“It is completely unacceptable and a blot on democracy that the Andrews Labor Government is desperate to clamp agencies that fight corruption, while preventing Victorians from knowing the truth ahead of the November state election.”

Victorians deserve to know what Daniel Andrews and his Labor Government has to hide.

David Davis MP

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

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