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Labor’s $200 billion train line not the project for Victoria’s future

New independent analysis has revealed the astronomical total cost of just two-thirds of Labor’s rail loop project.

Independent Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) analysis reveals an estimated total cost of over $200 billion for Labor’s rail loop east and north sections.

Whatever the total final cost, nobody believes anything other than this is another massive cost blowout.

The PBO estimate for just two thirds of the project is four times greater than the $50 billion cost previously outlined by the Andrews Labor Government for the entire project.

Meanwhile, at least 87,000 suffering Victorians remain in pain and with their lives on hold awaiting vital surgery and 35 people each and every day are stuck in emergency departments for more than 24 hours.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis, said the Victorian Liberals and Nationals’ first and paramount priority was to fix the healthcare crisis.

“This is an alarming revelation but completely unsurprising given Labor’s record of cost blowouts that raises serious questions about the viability of this project.”

“Instead of tying up hundreds of billions for decade to come, we will shelve this project and put every cent into fixing the health crisis.”

“When Victorians in need can’t get an ambulance, an answer to a triple-zero call or access critical treatments, it’s clear this is the wrong project at the wrong time.”

“This November, Victorians have a clear choice. Real solutions to fix the health crisis, or just the first stage of a new train line in 13 years’ time.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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